• Why Trails of Myanmar?
    Why Trails of Myanmar?

Why we should be your next travel partner in Myanmar

Twenty years of travel expertise in Myanmar and Asia

For Photographers, by photographers

Our photo tours are a combination of people, landscape and architecture photography, stressing culture, people in their daily lives and local traditions with hands-on photo guiding and suggestions on compositions and camera settings. We also hire local people and model for staged shoots if required.

Trusted and Reliable

Trails of Myanmar Travel is a legal tour agency licensed by the Myanmar Hotel and Tourism and We are a member of Union of Myanmar Travel Association ( UMTA).

We've worked with big names

We have been working with Travel photogrpahers around the world such as Malcolm Fackender from Australia, Reportage’ Photographers from Italy such as Vittore Buzzi, Alessandro Cinque and Nicola Santini and Environmental portraits photographers like. Rarindra Prakasa and Kenvin Pinardi.

Tailor Made to you and your client's needs

We understand that there is a lot that good into capturing a meaningful photograph. We also appreciate the different styles of photography and the needs that come with each. Our tours are entirely custom built to cater for each group's photography and travel needs.