It is our core value to reduce the amount of plastic we use in our day to day use, respect the humanity work and maintain the cultural heritage.

Trails of Myanmar Travel is a small family owned Photography tour agency dedicated in incoming tours. More than a decade of experience in organizing photography tour, we are dedicated to the following policy.
Although we do not have many men power, we have sustainability manager who is dedicated to carry out our sustainability plan in accordance with our action plan.
-       We vow to minimize emissions and to be lesser in waste production in order to prevent our Globe nature as well as we do practicing recycling.
-       Taking care of utmost security for our staff, vehicles being used during the tour and especially the security of our customers is our core value.
-       we manage all the activities with the aid of measures and surveys the stage of the growth of these facts, in order to assure the quality requested by our customers as well as to guarantee an appropriate operational standard.
-        We strike very hard in studying and evaluating our tour activities, reducing the consumption of natural resources in order to impact least on the environment and minimize safety risks
-       We strike hard in studying and evaluating our tour activities, reducing the consumption of natural resources in order to impact least on the environment and minimize safety risks
-       We respect human-rights and humanitarian aspect is one of our core pillars. Whenever possible, we we help and support for women and children from ethnic minorities groups in all areas of our business.
We strictly follow no discrimination on the basis of gender, race, age, disability, and ethnicity.

Trails of Myanmar Travel commits to the following:

Labour conditions

·       We abide by all Myanmar labour laws.

Our Carbon Offsetting Plan
-       We are going to plant three trees ( including the looking after of the trees) for every clients who book tours with us in order to offset the domestic flights and transport that we use for the tour

Energy saving Plan within office
·       We replace all the light bulbs in the office with the energy saving Implement a – We practice Switch off policy for the air con, computer and big energy consumption equipment within our office and our partners ( regional office)

·       We strongly encourage all vehicles operators to be aware of energy conservation measures such as turning off engines when waiting for clients and to start the engine only five minutes before clients arrival by cooperating with tour guides.

Reduce Water consumption

·      We are planning to use water saving toilet flush within office in the near future

·      We do not keep  taps running.


·      We strike hard to reduce plastic within office and we recycle most of them by working with Recyglo Myanmar.

·      We provide reusable water canister for tours and strong encourage clients to reuse those bottles and we provide many refill station for our own guests

·      Measure, record and monitor number of bags of waste each week.

·      We practice printing on both sides

·      We ensure to use and buy only sustainable certified paper


·      Inform all suppliers of our commitment to Travelife sustainability management.


·      We only use hotels that adhere by local Myanmar labour laws and do not engage in any activity that is in anyway harmful for children e.g labour or child sex tourism. Trails of Myanmar Travel strike hard and encourage to save environmental impact in every aspect related to accommodation that we use.
Hence we would love your effort
- to save water utilization
- energy saving
- recycling
-    reusing bath towel and bed sheet instead of using only once and let clients actively participate  in saving our planet.


We will reduce energy bills in the office by 10 – 15 % over a year and will also monitor on the use of Plastic.

We DO NOT organize tour for elephant ride and poor elephant camp since we respect the well-being of those poor animals.

Being a photography travel and tour agency, we aim to empower the welfare of ethnicity and to preserve culture and nature by combining in existing our tour program. Our goal is to promote a sustainable tourism without supporting any form of child sexual tourism, child forced labour and drug or human trafficking.