It is our core value to reduce the amount of plastic we use in our day to day use, respect the humanity work and maintain the cultural heritage.

We follow the following basic principle and it is our part of environment policy.
We have the ability and willingness to maintain and improve the environment. We ourselves strive hard to live friendly with the environment and recycle most of our office materials and kitchen waste. We try our best to be least impact on the environment.
When visiting and photographing ethnic people at their village, we have the ability and willingness to maintain their natural being, customs, traditions and lifestyle. We strive our best to encourage those villages so that both parties will survive and sustainable mutual business benefits for both parties in the long run.
We as a tour operator donate and share some profits to the people in the villages they visit and in helping protect and improve nature and the environment.
We will be donating trees so those villages where we are making tour  and let them maintain those trees by paying some charges to them for looking after the trees and this is part of our small effort to lower your carbon foot print.
We DO NOT organize tour for elephant ride and poor elephant camp since we respect the well-being of those poor animals.

For questions and remarks related to our sustainability/CSR policies, please contact

[email protected]